Dagne Forrest, Co-owner

Dagne Forrest, Co-owner, Content Lead

Foil Media specializes in Ottawa website design, SEO and web marketing, content management systems and IT project management.

We have long specialized in custom website design, but increasingly find that WordPress.com provides a more affordable option for many of our small business clients.

While the WordPress platform is a relatively easy one to use, there are many ins-and-outs, particularly around design customization, that can be confusing and time consuming for the uninitiated.

Earle Barber, Co-owner of Foil Media

Earle Barber, Co-owner, Technical Lead

That’s where we come in. We’ve developed affordable packages for small business users that enable them to take full advantage of the many wonderful features offered by WordPress. Template selection, design customization, site set-up, content population, content guidance / development, and training in using the WordPress control panel are the core services we offer.

To find out more about our company and all of our services, please visit the main Foil Media website.

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