How we can help

WordPress design & services

Smart and affordable web solutions for small businesses and creatives

Take advantage of our long experience in building custom websites to get the help you need in making the most of the WordPress platform (whether .com or .org).

More and more of our small business and creative clients love the versatility and affordability WordPress offers, and are delighted that we can help them with adding design finesse and help them in making the most of this package. A WordPress site will give you the control you want.

Computer screen with colourful background

Off the rack solution, custom service

We offer the same free initial consultation to every prospective client, regardless of whether the website needed will be fully customized or a tailored WordPress solution.

Our first meeting – virtual or in person depending on where you are – with you is critical and a chance to discuss what you need your site for, how it will need to grow with you in the future, and how it works with your offline marketing efforts.

Customizing your package

Once we have met we can narrow down the full range of services that you need. These might include some or all of the following:

  • Determining site requirements
  • Assisting with domain name and email arrangements
  • WordPress template selection
  • WordPress account and initial site set-up
  • Creation of custom graphics or graphical elements
  • Custom font selection
  • Image cropping and preparation
  • Content development (ie we can help write your text or choose your images)
  • Content guidance (it helping you to create your own text and to make sure that you make it as searchable as possible)
  • Content population (ie placing text and images on the site)
  • Site review, testing and quality assurance
  • Training and orientation in managing and updating the site using the WordPress control panel

Contact Foil Media today to get the help you need with WordPress.

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